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Bestseller 2 White Floating Candles
  • Floating candles
  • Pack of 20
  • 2 colours available: White and Ivory
  • 4.5hr burn time
  • Perfect for wedding and event table centrepieces
Bestseller 2 White Floating Candles
Hyoola Premium Ivory Floating Candles 2 Inch - 4 Hour - 60 Pack - European Made
  • EUROPEAN QUALITY: Made in the European Union by the world's primer candle makers. Try it for yourself and see the difference.
  • DURATION: 4-5 hour burn time each floating candle disc. #1 party planner recommended floating candles for centerpieces at a wedding reception.
  • SIZE: 2 inch wide (diameter) x 1 inch height (50mm x 25mm). 80-pack. Ivory.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use at Wedding receptions, Pool party, etc. FITS: Mason jars, Cylinder vase candle holders, Candle bowls and the like.
  • FRAGRANCE-FREE: Unscented floating disc candles, Smokeless, Lead-free wick, Safe.
Bestseller 2 White Floating Candles
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of using regular candles to your party? Would you like to try a different product to achieve a better result? If your festive events need a touch of light and elegance we offer the solution.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: These Bolsius floating candles are made of the best wax and wick so that you can enjoy them for a longer time. Put them in a vase full of water or in any other body of water and they will float wonderfully. Once the candles are lit they will provide the desired effect.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This product we strongly recommend is the best alternative to ordinary candles. They can be used on special occasions and holidays such as: engagement or wedding receptions, dinner parties, garden or beach parties. These white unscented candles will definitely be the centerpieces of your beautiful event.
  • FLOATING DECORATION: You can set up various different clear glass vases and arrange them in the center of the table. Decorate each vase with a flower at the bottom and some colored stones all around them. Then fill the vases with water and float the candles. It will be a great ambience!
  • CLEAN BURNING AND EVEN FLAME: Our product is crafted to burn for 4-5 hours. You will not need to worry about smoke since these unscented candles burn cleanly with a nice and smooth flame which will stay bright the whole time. They look lovely and your guests will surely exclaim over this elegant centerpiece.
Bestseller 2 White Floating Candles
Bolsius Floating Candle, White, Wax, 4.5cm w X 3cm h
  • Burn time: 4.5 hours
  • Wicks are easy to relight
  • Suitable for home décor
Bestseller 2 White Floating Candles
Supmaker LED Candle Light, 12PCS Battery Operated Flameless LED Taper Candles Light for Wedding Birthday Churches Party Decorations Yellow, 0.79 x 6.5 Inch
  • Flameless and cool to the touch, can safely be used around children and animals.
  • The Flameless Christmas Candle Lamps fill your home with a soft, warm, ambient glow.
  • These candles light are well-sized to stand out in your holiday décor. Perfect for table top or mantle.
  • Plastic construction.Cordless design eliminates clutter. Requires 2 AA batteries for operation (not included).
  • Led light along with the flame-shaped candle top produces an orange flickering that mimics illumination provided by a real lighted wax candle.

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Best 2 White Floating Candles
Best 2 White Floating Candles
Hyoola Premium Ivory Floating Candles 2 Inch - 4 Hour - 60 Pack - European Made
  • EUROPEAN QUALITY: Made in the European Union by the world's primer candle makers. Try it for yourself and see the difference.
  • DURATION: 4-5 hour burn time each floating candle disc. #1 party planner recommended floating candles for centerpieces at a wedding reception.

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New 2 White Floating Candles
LWSS 4-Layer Floating Shelf Is Suitable for Storage Wall Shelf Decoration in Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Office 17.7x20.5x4.3 inches/white
  • SHELF UNIT: CReate a wonderful visual display with this stylish shelf unit. Perfect for ornaments, knick knacks, frames, candles, tea lights, plants and more. Will look great in a range of settings, a fantastic space saving way to display or organise in your home, this chic display unit will make an eye catching addition to any wall
  • WALL ART: A Beautiful modern design that will suit a range of home interiors. Mount on the wall for an effective storage or display solution, comes with fittings on the back to hang from the wall. Looks super in a range of settings and works well in most rooms in the house!
New 2 White Floating Candles
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