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Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Spiritual World Home Decorative Highly Fragranced Peach Scented Aromatic Pillar Candles Long Burning Aromatherapy Christmas Candles Gift Set (Pack of 4) (2.5" x 2" Diameter)
  • Pack of 4 Pillar Candles | Flavour : Peach
  • Size (Approx.) - 2.5" x 2" Diameter (Extra Small)
  • Great gift for friends and family for any occasion.
  • Perfect for any home setting. Enjoy your candle night dinner.
  • Safe for use outdoors and indoors.
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Peaches Stores 12 Piece Flameless Candles Battery Operated Pillar Real Wax Electric for LED Candle Sets for Season and Festival Parties with 24 Hour Timer
  • COOL AND ROMANTIC - LED flashing flameless tea light lamp is very good for decoration. It can be used as an atmospheric night light with a lamp holder or other lamp holders such as glasses. You can put the battery small candles on the table or other places in restaurant, family and garden weddings, parties, holiday decorations.
  • Easy to use: on/off switch, easy to use. The battery supplied with the electronic tea lamp has a battery life of more than 72 hours and can be easily replaced by the tab at the bottom.
  • SAFETY FOR KIDS, PETS AND ELDERLY - These LED tea lights can be used without worrying about flames, absolutely no risk of fire or burning and they are safe for families with pets or small children.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Each LED tea wax candle has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is ready to use.
  • Suitable for many occasions or holidays: ideal for Christmas, wedding decoration, birthday, anniversary, garden decoration.
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
V&A HOME organic plant-based hypoallergenic hand-made candles smoke-free unscented healthy pillar candles small 7cm x 5.5cm peach colour
  • Biodegradable and renewable CRYSTALINE CANDLES, unscented, completely pure and natural hand-poured, paraffin and chemical free, do not produce smoke, artisan methods are used to produce these candles in very small bathes. absolutely stunning.
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Spiritual World Highly Fragranced Peach Scented Aromatic Pillar Candles Home Decorative Long Burning Aromatherapy Christmas Candles Gift Set
  • Set of 4 Pillar Candles | Flavour : Peach
  • Size (Approx.) - 2.5" x 2" | 3.5" x 2" | 4.5" x 2" | 5.5" x 2" Diameter (Extra Small | Small | Medium | Large.
  • Great gift for friends and family for any occasion.
  • Perfect for any home setting. Enjoy your candle night dinner.
  • Safe for use outdoors and indoors.
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Yummi 2.25" x 5" Peach Slim Pillar Candles - 16 candles - 35 Hours
  • Size: 2.25"x5"
  • Qty: 16 candles
  • Burns: 35 hrs
  • Yummi colored candles are professionally hand-dipped to your preferred choice of color. The interior of the candle remains white ensuring a clean burning and drip less candle experience that emits the perfect amount of glow and ambiance every time.
  • Great for restaurants, hotels, churches, weddings, home decor and event planners
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Decorative Pillar Candle (Peach)
  • Decorative pillar candle made from paraffin wax with artificial flower decoration. Shell-like base also made from wax.
  • This hand-decorated and hand-painted white pillar candle has a peach base shell and has a peach dripped topping. Each one is individually decorated so may vary slightly from the image.
  • Approximately 16cm high x 17.5cm wide x 13.5cm deep (6.25 x 7 x 5.25 inches). Circumference of pillar candle is approx 19cm (7.5 inches).
  • Unboxed weight is approx 575 - 600g
  • This ornamental pillar wax candle may be kept as an ornament or burned as a candle. Please take care if burning, do not leave unattended and keep out of the reach of children. Makes a lovely table decoration but should not be placed directly on a polished surface. All flower decoration must be removed before lighting.
DISCOUNTBestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Ikea SINNLIG Sweet Vanilla Scented Pillar/Block Candles 14 Centimetres - Set of 3
  • Sweet scent of vanilla ice cream and freshly baked waffles.
  • Set Quantity: 3 Pillar Candles
  • Height: 14cm, Diameter: 7cm
  • Burning time: Up to 45 hours
Bestseller Peach Pillar Candles
Yankee Candle Scented Candle | Mango Peach Salsa Large Jar Candle | Burn Time: Up to 150 Hours
  • Sweet and zesty juicy mangoes and peaches livened with citrus, ginger flowers and pink pepper
  • Authentic ingredients and premium wax deliver clean, consistent, room-filling aroma
  • Scented candle burn time: Up to 150 hours; 17 cm height x 10 cm width (623 g)
  • Housed in the classic glass jar with lid to preserve the fragrance; removable label for a custom look
  • 100 percent natural fibre cotton wick straightened and centred for a clean, even burn

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Best Peach Pillar Candles
6 x Colourful Dinner Candles - 21cm High (Pink)
  • Pack of 6 x Colourful Dinner Candles
  • Dipped Colour Non Drip Candles
  • 21cm High Bistro Style Candles
  • Burn Time: 8 hours each
  • Tall Clean Flame
DISCOUNTBest Peach Pillar Candles
Premium Scented Candles, Soy Candles | Luxury Candles with A Fresh Scent Of Orange Blossom Lotus | 45 Hour Burn, Long Lasting, Highly Scented, & All Natural Aromatherapy Candle with Pink Glass Jar
  • HIGHLY SCENTED: Tired of scented candles that don't fill your space with aroma? Indulge your senses with a luxurious treat! This Orange Blossom Lotus scented candle offers delicately clean and uplifting top notes of Green Tea, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Lemon with hints of Green Floral, Jasmine, Orange finished with Orange Blossom, Cedar, Vanilla. A blend that will surely radiate happiness like the fragrance from a flower and attracts all good things towards you.
  • THERAPEUTIC AROMA: These hand-poured vegan candles have been made using the finest blend of essential oils and fragrances that burn clean. The unique combination of purest ingredients and natural soy wax that releases the best fragrances that are entirely free from toxins, paraffin, and harmful residues. Soy candles calm the nerves and relieve anxiety, making them the best stress-relieving candles. It can be used for insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy, removing odors, etc.
  • NON-TOXIC CLEAN BURNING: Each non-toxic candles contains a significant amount of pure essential oils and fragrances that work to fill the air with natural goodness and natural scents. These organic soy candles burn clean to purify the air in your home for at least 45 hours. Most scented candles are smaller, this candle burns 2 to 3 times longer than most scented candles sold here.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Elegantly packaged, this candle will arrive beautifully in a matte white and gold-stamped gift box with a message about our mission to spread generosity. This will make a wonderful gift for a friend, loved one, birthday gifts, house decor gifts, apartment essentials gifts, best friend gifts, and an even better treat for yourself for all occasions. It comes in an 8 oz coral pink glass for an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • CANDLES WITH A PURPOSE: This candle was made to bring light to the darkness of human trafficking and slavery. There are still over 20 million people being trafficked or in slavery. Each candle purchased donates to our charity partner, Zoe International, who works to stop the spread of human trafficking and provide healing to victims of such crime. This is not just your ordinary candle. This is a unique candle that brings light to the darkest places in our world.
Best Peach Pillar Candles
Bolsius Rustic Candle, Parafin Wax, Sunshine Yellow, Short
  • High Quality Burn times
  • Fully Coloured
  • Non Drip
  • Hand Poured
  • European Quality
Best Peach Pillar Candles
Bolsius Rustic Candle, Parafin Wax, Pastel Pink, Tall
  • High Quality Burn times
  • Fully Coloured
  • Non Drip
  • Hand Poured
  • European Quality
DISCOUNTBest Peach Pillar Candles
100 Hours Burn Time Overdipped Church Pillar Candle
  • Beautiful church style white pillar candle
  • Great for adding ambience or setting an atmospheric tone
  • Looks fabulous alone or when grouped together for maximum impact
  • An approximate burn time of 100 hours
  • Stands approximately 16cm tall and measures 7cm in diameter


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New Peach Pillar Candles
Rotary Spinning Tealight Candle Metal Tea Light Holder Carousel Home Decoration - Peach
  • Used for home decoration, party decorations, photo props, bars, weddings, birthdays, holidays, new year cafes;
  • High-quality materials, waterproof and firm, durable and wear-resistant.
  • Sturdy structure, good durability and toughness, simple and practical.
  • Provide the perfect decoration for your house.
  • Beautiful gifts for friends or family
New Peach Pillar Candles
Flatyz Hand Painted Flat Candle| Unscented, Dripless, Smokeless, Decorative | White Sketched Angel on Peach | Double Wick with Metal Base | Unique Gift Idea and Home Décor Accent
  • HANDMADE CANDLE ART – Each candle is hand poured and hand painted. Flatyz candles feature two organic cotton wicks, paraffin, and safety certified paints. Our candles are smoke-free so you and your guests can enjoy the look and comfort of the candles without the smokey mess.
  • DRIPLESS & SELF EXTINGUISHING – Our uniquely designed flat candle is non-dripping and evaporates as it burns, leaving no mess behind. In addition to being dripless, the candles are smokeless and self-extinguishing to ensure safety. Candles are unscented and include one handmade flat candle along with a steel base stand to create an attractive home décor display and double as a snuffer.
  • GREAT GIFTS – Perfect for gift giving. Whether it is a special celebration, a business gift, or birthday - or just to decorate your home. Our candles are extremely one of a kind offering a new twist on the candle business that is sure to have your friends and guests in awe!
  • UNIQUE HOME DECOR: Unlike most candles, Flatyz candles are unconventionally flat with two wicks that burn evenly. This gives the candles a unique, yet, clean and modern look. These handmade candles are quite eye-catching and can add a decorative touch to any scenery.
  • DIMENSIONS AND SPECS - 2.4" x 0.4" x 5.9" Each candle has a 3-4 hour burning time. Includes an easy-to-assemble candle holder.
New Peach Pillar Candles
flatyz Flat Special Candles Set of 2 Christmas Tree and Angel on Peach Handmade Odourless Candles Long Burning Time 3-4 Hours 60 x 10 x 150 mm
  • Handmade candle with jewellery. Each candle is handmade by our craftsmen and craftsmen.
  • HIGH QUALITY Only the best raw materials are used, incl. Pure Cotton Wicks
  • Safe. All candles are non-drip candles.
  • GREAT GIFT: Each design is unique - ideal if you are looking for a special gift, romantic decoration.
  • Perfect as a special gift.
New Peach Pillar Candles
Wax Lyrical Peach Tin Candle
  • When you shop with TJC, you have the assurance of buying quality products at a price you'll love
  • At TJC, we have a passion for uncompromising quality while offering affordable pricing that always exceeds expectations
  • We follow high street trends to bring you the latest styles at prices you'll love
  • Our Gold Star Pricing cuts out the middleman so our customers can enjoy excellent savings compared to the High Street
  • What's more, TJC's One for One Programme means that every product you buy from us means a meal for a hungry child. For every single item ordered by you, we donate a meal to a hungry child – in India and now in the UK too!
New Peach Pillar Candles
Benevolence LA Premium Lilac & Rose Scented Candles, Highly Scented Lilac & Rose Candle, All Natural Soy Candles Scented, 227 g | 45 Hour Long Lasting Soy Candle, Relaxing Aromatherapy Candles
  • CANDLES THAT YOU WILL LOVE: Envelop yourself with a sense of inner peace when you light this luxurious scented candle. Our passion is to create a candle that fills your home with a beautiful aroma.
  • CALM YOUR NERVES AND RELIEVE ANXIETY: The aroma of Lilac & Rose essential oils will promote feelings of relaxation, preparing you for a better night's sleep.
  • SMELLS GREAT AND LASTS A LONG TIME: We only use the finest essential oils and fragrances that burn clean. No residue and No harmful toxins in your home. Our 8oz organic candles burn for at least 45 hours.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Elegantly packaged, the black and gold gift boxes will make a wonderful gift for a friend, loved one, birthday gifts, house decor gifts, apartment essentials gifts, best friend gifts, and an even better treat for yourself.
  • GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK: Each candle purchased donates to Zoe International who works to stop the spread human trafficking and provide healing to victims of such crime.


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