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DISCOUNTLatest Xmas Ornament Storage
Household Essentials 551RED Large Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Box | Stores Up to 36 Xmas Ornaments | Red Bin with Green Trim
  • HOLIDAY ORNAMENT STORAGE CONTAINER with pullout tray, lid, and handles in Red and Green
  • TOP SHELF HAS HANDLES that help you pull out a layer of ornaments and a wall that prevents them from falling out
  • 2 LAYERS OF 4 x 4 inch adjustable compartments with 1 lift out tray allows you to fit most Christmas balls and other ornaments
  • ADJUSTABLE POCKET SIZE fits small, medium, and large ornaments and prevents them from hitting each other
  • MEASUREMENTS: 10" H x 27" W x 13.5" D
Latest Xmas Ornament Storage
ZOBER Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Zippered Closure - Protect & Keeps Safe Up to 64 Holiday Ornaments & Xmas Decorations Accessories, Durable Non-Woven Ornament Storage Container, Two Handles
  • ORNAMENT SAFEKEEPING - Bauble ornament box stores up to 64 ornaments with cardboard dividers that help keep decoration ornaments safe from scratches and shattering, so they’re always ready to show off for the Christmas season, Easter, Halloween, and other special occasions. Dimensions: 12.9" x 12.9" x 13.5"
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - This storage container for Christmas ornaments made of durable non-woven fabric and heavy-duty cardboard ensures this ornament will last many seasons to come, unlike a holiday storage bag or bulkier, cheaper material holiday Christmas boxes, bins, holders, and organizers.
  • SIMPLE IDENTIFICATION - Holiday ornament storage with a transparent card slot for easy labeling. Lid protects ornaments from insects and dust and allows Xmas storage container to be stacked for space saving. Christmas storage box chest organizer.
  • SPACE SAVING - Christmas ornament storage container holder’s compact cube shape fits great in all storage areas; collapses flat for out of sight storage and unfolds in a second for easy ornament organizer.
  • EASY CARRY - Storage box for Christmas ornaments features 2 sturdy stitch-secured side handles that allow you to easily take your DIY Christmas storage containers between Christmas storage room and living room or to take it to an outdoor area.
DISCOUNTLatest Xmas Ornament Storage
Christmas Ornament Storage Container - Stores up to 64 Holiday Ornaments - Adjustable Compartments to Fit All Your Xmas Decoration Needs - with Removable Cover and Convenient Carry Handles
  • STRONG, VERSATILE, FAST & EASY SETUP- This Holiday Ornaments Storage Cube comes with a storage box and cardboard inserts that can be easily set up to create 64 compartments that can easily store all your holiday ornaments and trinkets. The inserts can also be removed and changed to suit your requirements.
  • SUPER DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - The outer storage box is made with a tear-free fabric that is sturdy and helps the organizer last, year after year. It comes with a content label for easy viewing of the trinkets inside and protects the supplies from dust and moisture.
  • 64 INDIVIDUAL COMPARTMENTS - With our organizer’s premium design, you can store up to 64 individual Christmas ornaments and small lights with ease. Each compartment is about 3” in height and can easily store the standard sized Christmas tree ornaments.
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRY - The storage box is equipped with sturdy handles in a contrasting color, making it easy to carry around and store it up wherever there is space. The dimensions of the box are 12” x 12” x 12” and comes with a removable top.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stands by our products 100%. If you have problems, contact us for help. We want you to be fully satisfied with this gift wrap organizer and hope you have fun organizing the wrapping paper rolls from your holiday gift giving this season.
Latest Xmas Ornament Storage
Christmas Ornament Storage Container Box with Dividers – Heavy Duty Durable 600D Canvas & Carry Handles - Bin Store up to 64-3” Holiday Xmas Ornaments, Dual Zipper Closure
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT STORAGE: A perfect companion for this holiday season, our Christmas Ornament Storage Container Box was designed to keep your seasonal decor safe and secure. The storage cube is made of premium 600D canvas fabric with quality construction throughout. It's lightweight, durable and stores up to 64 Christmas ornaments with a sturdy zippered closure protecting them from dust, dirt, discoloration and breaking
  • 4-ADJUSTABLE TIERS: Each of the Four separate Tiers safely stores your ornaments while the adjustable and durable cardboard dividers prevent them from moving around or breaking. Dividers can be configured to meet your needs, giving you the flexibility to store big or small or oddly shaped ornaments into the compartments. Finally, eliminate the need for multiple storage containers for all your holiday ornaments
  • EASY TO CARRY HANDLES: This Christmas ornament storage cube features 2-sturdy handles, making it effortless and convenient to carry around anywhere. When empty this storage cube folds flat for efficient storage when not in use. Dimensions Measure 12” x 12” x 12” and comes with a secure fit top lid.
  • STURDY ZIPPERED CLOSURE: You'll find everything you are looking for with this Christmas storage container. That's because it has a dual zippered closure that protects all your cherished keepsakes from dust, dirt, discoloration, and breakage. The clear ID card slot allows you to easily label and identify the contents inside giving you an organized and simplified approach to decorating this holiday season
  • PRACTICAL HOLIDAY STORAGE SOLUTIONS THAT YOU'LL LOVE: HOLDN' STORAGE products aim to solve your problems which make life easier for you and because customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business, we are confident in the quality of our brand. Everything you love in an ornament storage container cube purchased at NO RISK backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Latest Xmas Ornament Storage
Christmas Ornament Storage - Stores up to 64 Holiday Ornaments, Adjustable Dividers, Covered Top, Two Handles. Attractive Storage Box Keeps Holiday Decorations Clean and Dry for Next Season. (Red)
  • SECURE YOUR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: Three-layer box safely stores up to 64 holiday ornaments.
  • ADJUSTABLE DIVIDERS: Cardboard dividers can be moved to accommodate ornaments of various dimensions.
  • TOP CLOSURE: Cover at the top for easy access and to keep the dust and dirt out.
  • COLLAPSES FOR EASY STORAGE: Flattens when not in use so it’s easy to store almost anywhere.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: The Christmas Ornament Storage box measures 12 inches wide X 12 inches deep X 12 inches high.

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